Hey there! I'm Alexandra, a designer with an eye for details that brighten everyday life. I'm based in Stockholm, but I see myself as a citizen of the world. I enjoy working together with people and sharing ideas - that's the best way to let an idea flourish. My creativity is nurtured by all things that I see, do, and experience. For every project that I work on, I always learn something new, which is a big reason to why I love what I do. As much as I adore creating beautiful things, there is always a reasoning behind each design choice.  

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My services include these areas, but

are not excluded to other requests. 


packaging design

graphic design



brand identity​

brand development







film editing





Get to know the brand, competition, and the product itself. Study the topic. Strong knowledge provides fuel for strong ideas and solutions. In this stage,  target audience, core values, brand mission, and vision are established. 


When stage two is approved, the idea is presented more visually, in the form of sketches. A combination of stage one and stage two produce the outcome of stage three. The project becomes more concrete. 

Based on the insights from the research,  an overall idea and creative direction is evolved. A red thread is created based on strategy and design. Moodboards are presented showing the brand tonality, based on core values and brand mission.  


The sketches are brought to life, this is the production stage.  Design and layout is applied on the product and holds the high standard throughout the whole project. 

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