packaging design, branding, art direction, copywriting


When applying to the full-time programme at Forsberg’s Advertising School, one of the entry tests were to package yourself into a product. The best way to show the school who I am was by packaging myself into a doll box. The box included the Alexandra-Doll and all of her most personal and everyday belongings. Every detail in the box was specifically chosen in order to represent who I am; everything from the walls, the floor, the fonts, choice of colors and patterns represent my style and me as a person. All of the products in the box are exact replicas of my actual belongings. The reason to why I made the Alexandra-Doll was to show who I am and who I want to become – what my goal in life is and my dreams. 

The copy reads: “This is Alexandra, she is a happy girl; full of imagination, ambition and dreams. Her biggest dream is to become a graphic designer – something that she has been dreaming about for a long time now. This box includes everything that Alexandra uses on a daily basis, and also things that she cannot live without; for example her faithful companion Piccolino. With Alexandra, this box includes: Piccolino, MacBook, Computer mouse, Sketch pad, Sharpies, Coffee mug, Pen, Pen tablet, Wallet, Headphones, Cellphone, Tote bag, Handbag, Lipstick, Lip balm, Scrunchies, Butterfly-accessories.”